GO Jamaica

spreads the message of self-love to the students of Clan Carthy Primary School.

For Black History Month, GO Jamaica, embarked on a mission to spread the message of Self Love through our Reading programme. The book read, ‘The Curly Hair Club’ written by one of Jamaica’s talented young writers, Saccheen Laing spreads the message of self-love for one’s natural hair and black skin. On February 18th, 2020 we visited the Clan Carthy Primary School to read sections of the “Curly Hair Club” and speak to the girls about loving themselves. The students were very receptive to the message as many had been victims of bullying because of textures of their hair and the colour of their skin, ‘dem bully me all the time that mi hair dry’ exclaimed one student. It is our hope to continue this speaking engagement to young girls all over Jamaica. We believe that as a corporation it is our responsibility to help our youth love and become their best selves.