3PL is the core of our logistical service. We install the latest management system into our client’s warehouses allowing you to deal directly with the service providers to move and take care of the day to day running of your goods. 

Our warehouse management system helps clients efficiently manage their goods and we handle millions of stock items annually ensuring that no time or money is lost through misplaced stock.


We have distribution agreements with the world leading brands in the Consumer Electronics and Communication Devices categories including Alcatel, TCL, Logitech, HP, Philips and more totaling 800,000 items sold annually.

From our Logisitics hub situated in Miami, we distribute products throughout our markets ranging from TV’s to handsets to tablets to routers.

We ensure the brands get to your customers through the main retail channels including; supermarket chains, pharmacies and retailers, with our traveling sales reps visiting distributors to brand POS and collect payments.


We deliver a world-class, secure and stable transaction service using the most advanced technologies to sell electronic and physical credit in retail outlets through our countries of operation. These include: ‘Top up for mobiles’, “Prepaid electricity”, “Prepaid Cable T.V” and “Electronic E Commerce vouchers” for local and global brands. Our client portfolio includes brands such as: Digicel, Flow, Millicom, TSTT, JPS, Ready TV, PNG Power, Amazon, iTunes and Xbox.

Through the development and launch of the GO Brand, our extensive network of over 16,000 electronic points across our markets is the consumers “go-to” place to “Top Up” or buy “e-commerce vouchers” with a combined total of over 80 million transactions annually.