Sky Solutions Panama S.A., launched operations in 2008, initially as the logistics and distribution arm for the emerging Digicel in Panama. Sky Solutions performance quickly made other carriers gain interest in our services, making us the first and only distributor that carried products to the market for all Carriers, Digicel, Cable & Wireless, Claro and Telefonica. Sky Solutions Panama has also actively participated in the distribution of other health related products, and in Panama has a footprint in over 60% of the Country, being the largest Telecommunications distributor in this market. With the recent purchase by Millicom (Tigo) of the former Telefonica Movistar operations, Sky Solutions was invited to become the largest exclusive distributor for Tigo. Sky Solutions operates from the City of Panama and currently has over 30 staff members that visit over 3,000 points of sales.

El Salvador

Sky Solutions El Salvador S.A. de C.V., started operations in 2006 to become the logistics and distribution exclusive partner for the emerging Digicel in this Market. Quickly, Sky Solutions was known among retailers, merchants and carriers alike as the leader in Distribution of Telecommunication Services in El Salvador, being the only Company that visits every single one of the 12,000+ points of sales in this Country. Sky Solutions also has been known for its important role in the distribution of handsets, along with airtime and cards. Sky Solutions has a very well seasoned management team that has been working together since the early stages of the launch of Digicel, being one of the most important pieces of the success that Digicel has had in this Market. Sky Solutions currently has 100+ staff members, and contributes actively to the Economy of El Salvador, being also involved in Social Responsibility programs in several cities where we operate. Sky Solutions has also been a distributor of other Multinational Companies such as Nestle, having launched important projects to increase foot print of key brands. Our Company in this market is always actively searching for additional business opportunities as we know that our distribution expertise will be key to any product that demands National distribution.


We are the Leading Mobile Equipment Service Center in Guatemala, certified by the main manufacturers of cell phones and tablets worldwide. Recognized for providing our clients, in the retailing business such as Max Distelsa, Elektra, Grupo Monge, and suppliers in the telecommunications area with enrichment opportunities for their portfolio of offers. Our competitive strategy is diversification in the technological services that we offer to our clients, in addition to having certified technical personnel, processes that comply with quality standards, tools and innovative technological equipment